What makes a business standout ? among the millions of startups, created by people just as smart as you with more/less  capital than you. Well let us start from the word “NICHE”, which is a process of picking an industry and focusing all your genius to make yourself the first name they think of when they need a particular “Service”.I won’t dive so much on the benefits of niching down , but i will talk about an industry that has caught my attention lately and which most people might ignore which is “Law/law firms/lawyers”. I will talk about possible ways to get the attention of people in this niche and I am continuously going to keep updating 

1) Create a demo site:

Why do you need to go out of your way to create a demo site ? 

Law firms need a good website, with pixel perfect visuals and good conversion rate optimisation. The truth is most law firms don’t have a standard website and you should help them redesign/build their website.

The client(law firms) should already trust you know what you are saying and maybe a good slide or UI mockup should do the job, in some cases yes , but there is nothing better than giving your client a clue of how their website will not only look but how it will interact with customers, this way you are not just part of a long list of people dropping pitches with no strong visual representation of what you can truly offer. After convincing the client you outsource the website redesign and development to *capable developers* (https://gidistack.com/) that would do a world class job.

(P.S the aim of a demo site is to showcase just certain things not all)

2) Offer Google My Business:

Any successful Law firm must always have their phones ringing and mail box full, but how is that possible with the ever growing competition? 

The first thing you can never get wrong is ensuring your clients company comes up when possible customers hit a google search box  for law firms/lawyers around their area or are searching for specific information your client’s website should be able to shed more light on and therefore persuade their clients from being potential customers to paying clients.


  Advantages of Google my business

Build relationships with customers

Ensure your client(law firms) always have an open line to their customers, post images indicating their place of business, read and respond to reviews.

All businesses that have gone through the hurdle of keeping all their information up to date have witnessed a high percentage of phone calls asking for directions and calls asking for consultation periods, opening and closing times and more traffic to their website.

 Understand and expand your presence

Getting the extra information on how many customers reached out , 

You can also see information like how many people called their business directly from the phone number displayed on local search results in Search and Maps. There you can track all this and ensure you get better conversion for them

Manage your information

You have the opportunity to manage the type of information that will be seen by potential customers, taking your time to gain more leads for law firms. Verify your content with google and your business becomes more reputable 

3) Create Content

As they say  ”content is king”  but i like to rephrase that to “Good content is king” , and it is not the type of king that dies and is forgotten a year after, its value lasts for decades and its audience grows indefinitely and stays in the internet hall of fame. So what’s your first step?  find a space where you know lawyers engage/discuss (linkedIn, Facebook groups, reddit.. etc ) and deliver valuable information for free , this information might come in any way, it can come as webinars , blog post, E books, podcasts and so many other forms. The idea is to become someone who can be trusted based on the knowledge you provide and later convert readers to paying clients who consider you as an expert in your field.


    We will be posting more on how you can add value to your clients 


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